Our Culture

Our culture is values-based, opportunity-centric, process-oriented, and results-driven. At Advantus, all associates must act with integrity in their conduct externally with others and internally with each other. On this point, there is no negotiation.

We have five core values that continuously guide our work, with integrity being first and foremost. Acting with integrity is a necessary foundation for personal and company success. A culture of integrity and trust opens doors of opportunity and provides a clear competitive advantage for Advantus. We are committed to building our business with integrity, and we have a reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our partners, customers, and associates.

  • Act with Integrity

    • Our commitment to integrity and our reputation is the foundation for our past and future successes.
    • We embrace creativity and flexibility as one of our key tools in crafting win-win acquisition and partnership agreements.
    • Our business leaders have freedom to execute their strategy within a defined set of business parameters.
  • Listen to the Customer

    • Our customer-centric focus drives us to create innovative solutions that directly address customer needs across all of our brands.
    • Our customers are the source of some of our most successful acquisitions and greatest product lines.
    • We define our customers as the end users of our products as well as our retail and commercial partners and buyers.
  • Improve Relentlessly

    • We are not ok with the status quo and constantly strive to do better, setting the bar high for ourselves and each other.
    • We celebrate our wins and then quickly focus on the next mountain to climb.
    • We seek fact-based, root cause solutions, not temporary patches, to drive our improvement efforts.
    • We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in all of our business processes.
    • Our track record of financial success enables us to continually invest back into our businesses and our team.
  • Build the Best Team

    • Getting the right people on our team is our most important task.
    • Exceptional people thrive in our high-opportunity, results-oriented work environment.
    • We are serious about recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent available.
    • We are accountable for our results and we deliver; we are non-political and not bureaucratic; we have high integrity and respect for others.
  • Drive Innovation

    • Our innovation imperative applies to product development as well as operational excellence—out of the box operational improvements add significant value to our business.
    • We are empowered and encouraged to challenge ourselves and each other, and to take balanced risks to advance innovation.
    • We continuously apply creative problem-solving skills to our products, services, and processes.