Our Growth Strategy

How We Grow

Advantus leverages the Advantus Operating System (Advantus OS), a set of unique systems, processes, tools, and core competencies that permeates all of our business units, to grow and scale the overall business via

  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Innovative Product Development
  • Smart Partnerships

Strategic Acquisitions

Advantus has acquired more than 30 companies and product lines since 1988, leveraging the Advantus OS and building upon the strengths of these product lines. Since Advantus’ founding, mergers and acquisitions have been a key part of our growth strategy. In acquiring businesses, we seek to achieve incremental top-line growth and operating income expansion via integration with the Advantus OS.

While we are always open to new opportunities, we especially seek platform companies and bolt-on acquisitions within our five operating divisions. We also capitalize on micro and macro-economic opportunities to acquire distressed businesses and integrate them into the Advantus OS and breathe new life into their product lines.

All of our acquisitions have been unique in their financial structure to meet the needs of both the seller and Advantus. Our flexibility and open approach to crafting win-win acquisitions have helped Advantus, our partners, our customers, and our teams consistently achieve winning results.

If you represent a business that could be a good fit with Advantus, please send an executive summary to our executive team via email or use the contact form below and we will provide a quick reply expressing our level of interest in moving forward.

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