Advantus OS

The Advantus Operating System (the Advantus OS) is the proprietary combination of systems, processes, tools, and core competencies that allow us to operate a highly flexible business model that can both integrate newly acquired businesses and organically generate new, incremental revenue via innovative product development. This system includes:

  • A rigorous due diligence screening process to evaluate potential acquisitions
  • A custom-designed, horizontally integrated, highly scalable product development platform
  • An integrated, custom-designed product compliance database platform to execute efficiently in a fast-changing regulatory landscape
  • A series of integrated, cross-departmental review processes to proactively manage inventory and capital allocation
  • Extensive, data-based internal product line reviews and a system for conducting and executing on regular customer research
  • A results-driven project management system that fosters accountability and transparency
  • A unique employee development program and heavy investment in associate training on systems, best practices, and employee development to create multi-disciplinary teams equipped to creatively solve today’s problems

The Advantus OS, coupled with operational excellence and continual improvement, has resulted in a results-focused business model that has produced consistent growth for more than two decades.